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Common Pests

  1. AntsAnts
    There are a number of variety of Ants: Red Ants, Flying Ants, Garden Ants to name but a few. Each variety presents their own unique problem but you can be certain that Kirklees Pest Control has an 'off-the-shelf' solution to any given situation.
  2. Bed BugsBed Bugs
    Another 'blood insect', Bed Bugs are renowned for prevailing, but not confined to, multi-occupant buildings e.g. Hotels, Hostels, Apartment Blocks. Lurking in variety of places in proximty to their prey, Bed Bugs are ready to feed at night when their target is unaware until an irritation occurs.
  3. CockroachesCockroaches
    Cockroaches are a common household pest that typically thrive in warmer conditions and can feed from both human & pet foods that are available to them - hence always keep food, including waste food, in a sealed environment. They are potentially dangerous to humans since they have been linked with allergies and asthma.
  4. FleasFleas
    Often referred to as 'Blood Pests' as a result of laying their eggs after their staple 'blood meal'. Fleas eggs are typically laid never too far away from pets' favourite areas and when hatched will have an immediate target - probably your favourite Cat or Dog!
  5. MiceMice
    House Mice are typically timid creatures who simply seek the refuge of homes for shelter and food. Often discovered as a result of droppings, gnawing noises or damage to items in food storage areas - less often as a result of sightings and that familiar startling experience.
  6. MolesMoles
    The Mole is a mammal that virtually lives underground in its network of self produced tunnels. They feeds predominately off insects & worms and also plants, roots and bulbs etc. Although not physically dangerous they do cause disruptions to gardens, lawns and landscaped areas.
  7. PigeonsPigeons
    Don't be fooled by these apparently friendly, harmless creatures. Seeking food in popular areas (look at your main town square in the summer!) these birds are prone to carry disease, can attract other pests and their droppings can be exceedingly unpleasant.
  8. RatsRats
    Rats are probably the rodent that creates the most fear in both homeowners and employees alike. Not only do they cause damage with their incessant desire to gnaw at eg. Pipes,Timbers, Wires, Food Packaging etc. they also are prone to carrying disease and attracting other pests eg. Fleas, Flies.
  9. SquirrelsSquirrels
    Grey Squirrels although seen on TV as cute, fun-loving, entertaining animals can cause a real disruption to the household. Whether causing damage to the garden or gnawing away at joists or wiring within loft spaces, most homeowners would agree that Squirrels do need to be dealt with in a professional manner.
  10. WaspsWasps
    Wasps whether as an individual or as a group, when nearby a nest, can create both a frightening and annoying experience: predominately because most people are aware of that potential 'Sting-in-the-Tail'. ALWAYS seek professional help when deaing with a nest situation.

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